A Note to All…From Sensei

Hi everyone,
As I write this little note from the hospital where my wife is recovering from successful surgery, I think it is appropriate to wish all of you good health and happiness at Christmas and into 2019.
For those who are making the Aikido pilgrimage to Japan, I look forward to your company and sharing with you what will be an unforgettable experience in Kyoto and at Payet Shihan’s anniversary celebration! I am more excited as I know I will get to see how this will not only alter your Aikido but also see how it changes your life.
Here at the hospital things can sometimes look grim and yet also uplifting. I see those who can use positive attitude and humour to ease pain and suffering. Some folks do not! I am renewed by my intention to train Aikido with a new spirit and send you my wish to do the same in your efforts! If you are finding it difficult, please use my wish to inspire you to train more often and with renewed interest. If you do this, all of our Aiki Budo buds will benefit, as will you!

Sincerely, your Aiki Bud,

Sensei Sheppard.