Special Events Photos and Videos

Aikido and Gun Retention for Police in Japan Sensei Jaimie Sheppard demonstrates with Sensei Matt Knight how Aikido is effectively used by law enforcement for gun retention in this demonstration from March 21, 2019 at Jacques Payet Shihan’s 10th Embu in Kyoto Japan.

2018 Godan Test Excerpts

Videos from Summer 2017 Demo

Kihon Dosa and Happo Giri – Summer 2017

2006 Antekan Dojo Demo featuring Amos Parker Sensei and Jaimie Sheppard Sensei.

2002 Matsuo Sensei and Sheppard Sensei Demo at Terada Sensei Yoshinkan Aikido Seminar in London Ontario, sponsored by the AIki Budo Centre.