Greg Gruninger

Sensei (senior instructor), Go Dan, Aiki Budo Centre (London)

A former combat arms member of the Canadian Armed Forces, Greg has been studying Aikido since 1994. He was awarded his present rank grading under Sensei Matsuo Masazumi Shihan, in July 2012.

Greg’s dan and International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation teaching certificates are registered in Japan. Greg is in charge of the City of London’s Spectrum Aikido program and he teaches all introductory programs. Greg leads a team of software testers in the private sector.

He has trained in Japan under several leading instructors. These include training in dojos located in Tokyo (Honbu Dojo), in Kyoto and in Yokohama. He has engaged in rigorous training in Kamakura at the Tsurugoaka Shrine, participating in Misogi and other ceremonies dedicated to intense Aikido training. He has studied Shakyo at the Daishi Kyokai on Mount Koya and has stayed in several traditional monasteries as well as in the shrine in Kamakura during his studies.