Weapons Syllabus and Videos

It’s no secret that I love weapons training, an so I’m very pleased that we are re-integrating weapons techniques to our testing protocols. Kyu tests from 7th kyu on now have a required weapons technique; details are contained in the Weapons Syllabus. (This can be found with the rest of the Testing Information).

While exposure to these techniques will increase during regular classes, attendance of weapons classes will likely be necessary to apply the fine polish you will desire for your test. The added benefit will be an improvement or your overall aikido ability through a better understanding of where our tachi waza (’empty hand’) techniques originate (the sword!), ma-ai (proper distance), kamae and timing.

And it’s fun!

To further support weapons training/testing, we are creating demonstration/instruction videos for all the test techniques. The first two are now posted (links below) and the remainder will appear over the coming weeks and months.

Wishing you all joy and success with your aikido training!

Sensei Kevin

Kote Giri Kote Osae (4th Kyu)

Tanto Tandoku – Kata dai Ichi and Ni (Nidan)

Oyo Kumitachi Ki Osae Do Giri (1st Kyu)