Benefits of Membership

  1. Aikido unites the elements of self defence, physical fitness and nonviolent philosophy into a modern martial art. We learn that we can overcome many obstacles that may stand before us by the development, integration, and utilization of all of one’s powers – mental as well as physical.
  2. The Aiki Budo Centre Web site provides information on the club and maintains an up to date calendar of training opportunities.
  3. The Aiki Budo Newsletter contains interesting articles written by members and has information on up coming events and seminars.
  4. Training is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights and Saturday morning allowing you to schedule your training to fit your lifestyle.
  5. Eight Black Belt members ensure that registered Black Belt Instructors teach all classes.
  6. Canadian and International Ranked Instructors give Seminars at the Aiki Budo Centre eliminating the need and expense of travelling to be taught by the top Aikido instructors in the World.
  7. For your convenience, Aikido equipment, educational material and recreational sportswear can be purchased through the Aiki Budo Centre.