Our Legacy

Our Legacy

Aiki Budo Centre was founded more than 25 years ago (1995), and it has been my privilege to witness most of that endeavour. As I reflect upon that journey, I am struct by the deep and varied legacy that has been gifted by our mentors – Kiyoyuki Terada SaikĊ Komon, Amos Parker Shihan and Jacques Payet Shihan, to name just a few – and the further sharing and extension of those gifts by our founder Jaimie Sheppard Shihan and our principal teachers such as Stephan Chau Sensei and Greg Gruninger Sensei.

As a result, our dojo is deeply connected to the (Yoshinkan) Aikido tradition through many lineages, and it is my intention to illuminate and bring forward the depth of knowledge that we are all connected to as members of ABC.

We begin with a demonstration of Ushiro Ryote Mochi Jiyu Waza by Sheppard Sensei (Matthew Knight Sensei as uke) at the dojo in 2018.


Sensei Kevin Love