Adult Program

Aikido involves mental training as well as physical, emphasizing the ability to relax mind and body even under stress. As skills develop, so will health, confidence and sense of accomplishment. Discipline that comes from within will change how you see yourself in relation to other people.

Students reflect a wide range of age and ability. Correct study requires a desire to defend and improve oneself without injuring others. Aikido is not a sport. It uses the body as a vehicle to train the mind, calm and strengthen the spirit. Regular training aids in developing self control, discipline, physical coordination and overall health. Instruction is geared to your personal needs.

Aikido is a great work out. It is a defensive art that requires a partner. One practices a set of techniques all the while trying to get your partner to smile!

Aikido involves blending rather than opposing the attack. Physical repetition of the circular flowing movements used in aikido have an effect on the one’s mind.

Aikido works best when you are centered and balanced. Rather than trying to defeat a partner, off balancing and redirecting negative energy into a positive outcome is key.

For more information check our latest Aikido Brochure.